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Drumming and Wellness- Books & Articles


Books: Partial List
*Diallo, Yaya and Mitchell Hall, The Healing Drum: African Wisdom Teachings

*Flatischler, Reinhard, The Forgotten Power of Rhythm, LifeRhythm, 1992

*Friedman, Robert Lawrence, The Healing Power of the Drum, 2000

(Hawkins, Holly Blue, The Heart of the Circle, The Crossing Press, 1999

*Helm, Russell Buddy, Drumming The Spirit to Life, Llewelly Publications, 2000

*Hull, Arthur; Drum Circle Spirit; White Cliffs Media, 1995

*Hart, Mickey and Frederic Lieberman, Drumming at the Edge of Magic, San

Francisco, 1990


Photo used with permission courtesy of www.rhythmweb.com

*Hart, Mickey and Frederic Lieberman, Planet Drum, Harper- san Francisco, 1990

*Redmond, Layne; When The Drummers Were Women; Three Rivers Press, 1997

*Wilson, Sule Greg, The Drummer’s Path: Moving The Spirit with Ritual and Traditional Drumming, Destiny Books, 1992

On-line Articles

(The following select are referenced from Remo Drums HEALTHRhythms and can be found via their website. Click on link: http://remo.com/health/index.cfm?ObjectID=72 )          

-Deep Within: Drumming as a Healing Strategy by Barry Bittman, MD

-Drum Circle Consciousness by Arthur Hull

-The Healing Power of the Drum - Part I by Robert Lawrence Friedman

-Healing: To the Beat of an Inner Drummer by Barry Bittman, MD

-Sound Advice for Health: The Musical Elixir of Our Minds by Barry Bittman, MD

-Sounding Our Grief by Erin Salez                                            

-Drumming Is Good Medicine by: Pete Solomita

Magazines, Newpapers and Journals

 (partial select listing from www.remo.com ):

*Time Magazine: Drumming Circles By: Harriet Barovick, May 2001
*In Touch: Drumming Up Good Health By: Diane Cole, July 2002 Pgs: 44-47
*Oprah Magazine: Water, It Frees, It Heals, It Nurtures… By: Marisa Fox , June 2001 Pgs: 172-173
*Spirituality & Health: Fighting Cancer? Bang the Drum Joyfully Summer 2001 Pg: 17

*USA Today: The Rhythms of Life-Hoping to drum out disease By: Anita Manning, April 2001
*Daily News Santa Clarita: Kids Drum up Excitement in Class By: Naush Boghossian, Thursday August 1, 2002 Pgs: 1 & 4
*News 12-The Bronx: Could Drumming Help Fight Cancer? By: Claudia DoCampo, January 2001

*Psychology Online Journal: Music and Medicine: Clinical Applications By: Joseph R. Dunn Ph.D., May 2001
*The Pain Practitioner: Music-Making: An Integrative Strategy for Managing Chronic Pain By: Scott Denny, DC, PhD, Lac, Spring 2001 Pgs: 2-11
*Advances in Mind-Body Medicine: Research Finding Abstract By: James W. Pennebaker, Summer 2001 Pg: 201
*Up Front: Research: Drumming Boots Cancer-Killer Cells By: Barry Bittman, M.D., January 2001 Pgs: 16 &180

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