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Staying In The Beat

  of Life

Therapeutic, Empowerment, Wellness Drum and Rhythm Circles, Events


Interactive Stress Reduction Workshops, Team Building,

Therapeutic Drumming and Movement

For Individuals, Groups, Mental Health Organizations

and Social Service and other Organizations

“Staying In The Beat of Life” Stress Reduction
Sample Workshop Purpose and Description:   

The most basic and natural flow that we experience in our lives is our own internal natural rhythms. Our everyday life is a mix of sensory input and output, movement, thought, energy, and rest.

 Even in rest, there is movement and pulse and rhythm within. The basic patterns of pulse and heartbeat, breath and flow are about seeking harmony and balance within our bodies and with our outer universe. Pulse as a foundation in all life.

The demands of activity and change however, often lead us to lose connection to this inner balance and harmony.

The heartbeat is that connection to our inner-selves and, as Reinhard Flatischler writes in “The Forgotten Power of Rhythm”, “…leads us back to the wisdom of sharing our common humanity.”

Hand drums, and other percussion connect to pulse and heartbeat.        They have long been used in many civilizations from long ago to today not only for celebration and dance but also in communicating and centering. The vibrational pulsations of the heartbeat were the first sensation we experienced cradled in our mother’s womb.

The ability of the drum to bring forth the heartbeat and other patterns to connect to ourselves and to each other has long been known but now more widely recognized.

In groups, the healing power of the drum comes not only from the rhythmical pulse and vibrational tones, but  from this larger communal give and take, the group one-ness and the listening and sharing.

 Photo used with permission  www.rythmweb.com

We stay in the here and now, releasing the stress and strains we carry from our daily demands. But we are also connected   to something larger, something that not only connects us to each other but to a larger universal past, bringing forth a history that transcends ourselves and our past to the larger whole of the universe.

 “Staying in the Beat of Life” ignites the spirit of one’s rhythmic voice through drumming, as participants find   connection with others in the rhythmical weave of personal and professional growth. Group participants will be guided in identifying their own internal rhythm to giving voice to these patterns through percussion, drum and /or movement. Participants will then be led on a drum / vocal visualization which they will be encouraged to a accompany.  Lastly, participants will experience a group vocalizing / drumming exercise using complimentary parts.

Program Objectives:

  • Participants will connect to their own internal rhythms to balance and center themselves
  • Participants will externalize the internal harmonious balance through shakers, percussion and the drum heartbeat
  • Participants will experience stress reduction through visualization and increased self-esteem, connection to internal rhythm and heartbeat, connection to external communal rhythm, balance with right / left brain connection, and other therapeutic drumming components
  • Participants will experience connected team rhythmical drumming in which connecting parts are played simultaneously and in call and response mode
  • Participants will have fun and experience an amazing communal stress-reduction sharing

These objectives are a sampling of Objectives specific to the "Staying in the Beat of Life" Program presented here. Other programs, such as "Keeping the Beat of Life" drum circle have different objectives.

Mary Ellen Edwards, MSSW, LCSW CA # LCS 22360