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"All the feedback I got was GREAT. I have had several others ask when the next time that we hold the drumming. I am looking forward to it. "-Ingrid Sullivan, Unity Church of Arlington


"Mary Ellen Edwards, LMSW-ACP presented a wonderful healing experience for the Depression Bipolar Support Alliance Fort Worth & Tarrant County when she came with her drums and an assortment of different music makers. The group was totally involved in the making of music together. We were able to find the rhythm of our own heart beats and help ground us and connect to the planet as she guided us to play music. Mary Ellen talked about how we are not just bodies and minds, but we are also spirit and the role stress plays in our illness. She helped us find that body, mind and spirit connection and and healthy ways to deal with our illness and reduce stress which is essential for healing. We as a group were very blessed to have Mary Ellen come and enlighten our consumers and their supporters with her healing thro her drumming. She lead us in a beautiful meditation that relaxed everyone there. We were truly blessed by her sharing her drumming and healing with us."             

 -Molly Stegall -President Depressive Bipolar Support Alliance -Fort Worth & Tarrant County

"Staying in the Beat of Life" Drumming Stress Reduction Workshop June 27, 2001 United Way Comments:
"Wasn't quite sure about it at first but really enjoyed it!"
"Extremely effective. I was as limp as a wet noodle at the end because of total relaxation. Thank you. A great workshop."
"Loved the variety of sounds and the ability of people to be in rhythm with themselves and others simultaneously. Very joyous."
"... What a wonderful seminar you gave. I was surprised at the amount of people who came. It's a fairly conservative crowd around here when it comes to "alternative" ways of being and doing. Everyone I talked to really enjoyed it. ... You were great!"

-Margaret Crawford, Workshop Liaison, Executive Secretary, Human resources United Way


Thank you so much for a great evening of drumming. You're a great facilitator - we all had a great time. I sure look forward to the next one.      

-Diana Hughes, Minister, Unity Church of Arlington


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